“We Remember These” is a really fun book. It’s a little bit of Nostalgia, History, Fun Memories and way to help preserve these memories and share them with your entire family.

The book idea started from a funny conversation about a list we read on Facebook entitled: “You Know You Are As Old As Dirt When.” This list had around 25 items on it that you would only have known about if you were a Baby Boomer. We continued our discussion and laughter and kept adding to the list as we spoke. And we wondered how many of these things the children and grandchildren of Baby Boomers would even know about.

We remembered that we played outside in practically every weather condition. We used our imagination. And every game we played required dexterity, hand eye coordination and practice. And then there was the T.V. Shows, Food, Electronics and so much more.[videomate id=1]

Wall of Appreciation


David Adams – Tuscson, AZ
Andy Anderson – Las Vegas, NV
Louise Berlin – Las Vegas, NV
Roseann Blackburn – Las Vegas, NV
Larry Bridge – Baltimore, MD
Teri Bulock – Las Vegas, NV
Steve Case, Tacoma, WA
Donna Corley – Cumberland, MD
Andrea Dixon – Las Vegas, NV
Dan Edney – Gaithersburg, MD
Grace Fulljames – Henderson, NV
Ellen Giamportone – Chapel Hill, NC
Marie Hare – Anchorage, AK
Lebette Hostetler – Las Vegas, NV

Mary Beth Johnson – Roseville, CA
Christine Kaczynski – East Haven, CT
Bryce Lampshire – Kanab, UT
Lenny Levy – Gaithersburg, MD
Monica McColor – Las Vegas, NV
Sharyn McIntire – Burgaw. NC
Christine McKellar – Las Vegas, NV
Denise Michaels – Las Vegas, NV
Charmaine Lee Paliotta – Las Vegas, NV
Lesley Sawers – Glasgow, UK
Franklin Terrell – Hedgesville, WV
Frank Valentine, Richmond, VA
Roberta Vinoski – Gulfport, MS
Dayan Wescott – Freeland, MD
Dean Widerman – Sykesville, MD